Tips & Tricks For Recording Your Legacy Letter On a Smartphone

1. Device Setup – Applying Noise Cancelling Settings  

Apply noise-cancelling settings on your smartphone to ensure your legacy letter is of the highest audio quality.

To Change Your Settings:  

iOS (iPhone, iPad) – 

  • Go to Settings.  
  • Select Voice Memos. 
  • Select Audio Quality. 
  • Select Lossless.


2. Recording Techniques – Creating the Right Recording Space

Location Tip: Choose a quiet place inside. Carpeted rooms away from the noise of roads are an ideal space to record your legacy letter.

Create a recording space in your bedroom or lounge room:

  • Place your phone on a pillow.
  • Keep your phone away from any hard surfaces.
  • Speak into the base of your phone.
  • Relax and sit comfortably while recording.

3. Reading Your Legacy Letter– Refining Your Recording

Sound Editing Tip: You can use a sound editor on your phone to get rid of pauses, mistakes or anything you wish to remove. You don’t have to record your legacy letter in a single take. 

Script Reading Tips:

  • Limit your recording to less than 3 minutes otherwise your file will become too large to send.
  • Experiment with the tone of your legacy letter. Do a test recording and then listen back to it.
  • Don’t rush your recording it’s natural to have pauses in a recording, take your time.
  • After you have recorded your legacy letter listen back to it a final time to ensure you’re happy with its flow, content and tone.