The Project

This project draws attention to the indelible achievements and contributions of Australia’s women theatre makers. Working with a national network of directors and dramaturgs, actors, designers, producers and theatre companies, the project will document the methods theatre makers use to address gendered oppression and violence. 

In addition to addressing inequities within theatre, the project aims to give Australian women useful tools for countering inequality and oppression in their own lives. This is urgent given gender-based discrimination, harassment and violence against Australian women has risen dramatically in the last decade.

We have an inclusive understanding of the category of ‘women’, with participation in the project open to any individual who identifies as gender diverse.  This includes transgender and non-binary people.

The project is led by Professor Stacy Holman Jones, Professor Dan Harris, Associate Professor Alyson Campbell, Dr. Misha Myers and Dr. Peta Murray. Mish Grigor is a PhD Candidate and Ripley Stevens is Research Officer for the Staging Australian Women’s Lives project.