Legacy Letter Submission


Answer any or all of these questions in your 3-minute letter. If you’d prefer to submit a written version of your letter in lieu of a video, please email us and attach your letter. 

3 Key Steps

  1. Address your legacy letter to a theatre or performance-maker who identifies as a woman and whose work has been important to you. If you could tell her how and why this work changed your own work and/or your life – what would you say to her?
  2. Create a 3-minute video recording of you reading the letter in any style you want (direct to camera/ voiceover/ over images or a video of the work).
  3. Upload your video file to the ‘Legacy Letters’ page to this form. 

Please note: Your legacy letter may be featured in the project’s online collection and potential publication in future years.


Submit Your Legacy Letter Here

  • Please note for large file uploads it may take a while to submit
  • Google drive, drop box, one drive