Legacy Letter Submission (Advisory Group)


For our first meeting we ask you to create a 3-minute Legacy Letter Video. We will share some of these letters during the first online advisory group meeting. Additionally, your legacy letter may be featured in the project’s online collection and potential publication.

Please note: Answer any or all of these questions in your letter. If you’d prefer to submit a written version of your letter in lieu of a video, please do so. If you’d like to have your legacy letter read out and performed by others, let us know and we will arrange it.

3 Key Steps

  1. Address your legacy letter to an international or Australian theatre or performance-maker who identifies as a woman and whose work has been important to you. If you could tell her how and why this work changed your own work and/or your life – what would you say to her?
  2. Create a video recording of you reading the letter in any style you want (direct to camera/ voiceover/ over images or a video of the work).
  3. Upload the file to the ‘Legacy Letters’ page to this form. This will enable us to distribute your video as part of the proceedings of the seminar.